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Woman Driver Kills Two Motorists At Same Intersection Seven Years Apart

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Posted By: The Booze at 8:45 am

28 Oct 2009

Australia – A FEMALE driver who killed two motorists at the same intersection seven years apart has been criticised as incompetent by a coroner.

Mother of two Michelle Thiele caused the two fatal crashes by failing to look to her left when entering the intersection, South Australia’s deputy coroner has found.

Thiele told deputy coroner Anthony Schapel she believed she was a competent driver despite causing the fatal crashes at a T-junction at Pompoota near Mannum, about 80km east of Adelaide.

“Both men died in collisions at the same location in almost identical circumstances and at the hands of the same motorist,” Mr Schapel said in his coronial findings delivered today. ”They both died when that same motorist failed to give way to each of them at the same intersection.”

I don’t think this article completely captures the SIGNIFICANCE of what happened here! ONE woman killed TWO motorists at the SAME intersection SEVEN YEARS APART! This WAS NOT a coincidence! This WAS NOT bad luck. This was brought on by a much, much more powerful force. Something man has lived in fear of for far too long. THIS was the result of female driving!

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  • doc

    It's the female Trinity killer…

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