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Is this the worst performance ever by an Academy Award-winning actor? And yes, it’s Cage-related.

In: Movies

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 12:49 pm

27 Oct 2009

Most of you probably have never heard of Deadfall, even though it stars Nicolas the Ridiculous.  I didn’t come across it on youtube until I started searching for similar videos to this one here a few years ago.  The script called for a sleazy conman named Eddie, and naturally Nicolas felt the need to make Eddie the strangest, most incoherent, poorly-acted character in modern cinema.  To give you some idea of what we’re dealing with, here’s a random user review off of imdb:

Cage not only takes Eddie (his character) over the top but down the other side – he chews up the scenery, digests it, and poops it out right there in front of you. For some reason he seems to think the character should always be on the edge of having a seizure. The cumulative effect for me is to flinch from the thought of ever again seeing him in a film. Really. Like aversion therapy. Say “Nick Cage” and I will think of him drooling and choose another film.

That guy at the table in the first scene – do you recognize him?  First one to name the other movie he’s in with Cage and I’ll buy you a beer at the next Boozeworthy bar event.

Hint: he’s my fictional arch enemy.

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  • Johnny Ringo

    “Smell that Bill? Smells like someone died.”

  • doc

    Evidently, Mr. Ringo's an educated man…

  • Lyle Tuck

    It's Michael Biehn, and he was also in a movie called The Rock. Thanks for the beer offer, but I can't handle a drug as strong as alcohol. ;)

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