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Chief of the Week: Dante Wesley

In: Chief of the week

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 9:16 pm

27 Oct 2009

Panthers Giants Football

We’re a bit low on nominees this week so we’ll go to the bullpen to take up some column space.  The bullpen is composed of every classic chief from every American movie.  I’m sure in the years ahead we’ll get through most of them.  If you ever come across a good example, send the tip my way.  The master plan entails making a Chief Power Hour one day and posting it online for everyone to use as a pregame drinking activity.  First up, we have the Extreme Guys from Harold & Kumar.  Not the best of movies by any stretch, but these guys cracked me up every scene they were in.

Extreme cheddaaarrrrrr!!!

Our winner for the week is Dante Wesley of the Carolina Panthers who absolutely destroyed Tampa Bay punt returner Clifton Smith before Smith could catch the punt.  And when I say “destroyed” I mean ran full speed down field, leapt into the air, and delivered a vicious forearm shiver while Smith’s eyes were pointed skyward waiting for the football.  Smith could “barely speak above a whisper and had some trouble swallowing” after the game.  Obviously not your run-of-the-mill dirty play – see for yourself:

I hate how football players never get into real fights following a cheap shot like that.  Maybe it’s my hockey background, but if I was a 6’5″ member of the Bucs special teams unit, I’d make a b-line to Wesley and let a few rights fly.  Fuck league penalties at that point.  Everyone watching wanted immediate payback ala the NHL, and instead we got a crowd of big dudes awkwardly hopping and jostling around.

Anyway, Wesley defended himself by saying he was trying to make a play and mistimed his hit.  You can judge his moral compass yourself, but that video footage is pretty ridiculous.  Could you even see the ball enter the top of the screen at the time of impact?  I heard somewhere that a full second passed before the ball hit the ground, and that’s a long time during a punt return.  Basically, the NFL is retarded for only issuing a one-game suspension.  Football’s a rough sport and brutal hits are going to happen – safeties and linebackers make hits over the middle, receivers catch pursuing defenders with their head down, and linemen can get rocked on interception returns.  No secret why players need/deserve a week off in between games.  But this kind of a cheap shot on an immobile, defenseless, and exposed punt returner just makes me a bit sick to my stomach.

A 1-game suspension is hardly done justice for a…

Chief of the Week.

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