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Supermarket Clerk Denied Bathroom Break Pisses Herself, Receives $200K in Damages

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Posted By: The Booze at 11:25 am

26 Oct 2009

fergie wet pants

San Francisco Chronicle - A Marin County supermarket clerk who urinated on herself at the checkout counter after her supervisor refused to let her take a bathroom break is entitled to a $200,000 damage award, a state appeals court has ruled.

The woman, identified only as A.M., had returned to work at an Albertson’s Inc. store in Fairfax in 2004 after undergoing cancer treatment that left her mouth dry and required her to drink water constantly. The store told her to let the managers know when she needed a bathroom break and they would cover for her.

The arrangement worked for more than a year. Then in February 2005, a new supervisor who had never worked with A.M. was on duty one night and turned down three of her requests for a break, saying the supervisor was busy. After the supervisor hung up the in-store phone, A.M. urinated while standing at the check stand.

She cleaned herself in the bathroom and drove home in tears, contemplating suicide, the court said. Emotionally fragile from her childhood in war-torn El Salvador, her cancer and past experiences as a crime victim, she left her job soon afterward and was committed to a psychiatric hospital for several days, the court said. She returned to work in August 2005.

This reminds me of that part in Rudy when the coach promises Rudy playing time for next season, but gets replaced by Coach Devine. Yea, it’s exactly like that, except instead of playing time, we’re talking about piss breaks.

I’m glad my boss doesn’t limit my bathroom breaks. It’s really the only thing that breaks up my work day…besides lunch, reading ESPN articles, writing for BoozeWorthy, and applying to better jobs.

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