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Launching an anvil 200 feet into the air is more entertaining than I expected.

In: Youtube

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 10:09 am

22 Oct 2009

Man, after that great build-up from our good friend Gay Wilkinson, I thought I was going to be let down by the eventual launching of the anvil.  But that was actually kind of sick.  First of all, 200 feet is way higher than I thought it would look.  Second, the anvil landing in almost the same spot it took off from was both unexpected and impressive.  Third, how does one actually compete in Anvil Shooting?  Is Gay the World Champion because he shoots his anvils the highest?  Because he lands them closest to the launch pad?  Because he kills the fewest number of spectators?  These are my questions, Gay, and I am willing to drive to Farmington, Missouri to get them.  And to shoot some fucking anvils into space.

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