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Would you see this movie? “The Anti-Christ”

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Posted By: Alfred K at 10:34 pm

21 Oct 2009

If you’ve heard anything about “Antichrist,” then my telling you that it’s beautiful probably sounds like an act of willful intellectual perversity. Very likely you’ve heard a list of gruesome highlights that make it sound like a nasty Internet video from Lithuania: an explicit sex act so violent that the man ejaculates blood, a hole driven through someone’s leg with a power tool, a woman mutilating her own genitalia with a pair of scissors.

Those things all happen in the movie’s grotesque final act, and they are undeniably shocking (and meant to be). Taken together, they probably account for a minute or so of screen time, about 1 percent of the movie.

This sort of sounds like the gruesome sex scene at the end of the amazing movie Brown Bunny.  Which means I’ll probably be seeing it.  In theatres.  With my fly open.

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