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5 Interesting Facts About Sexual Biology

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:00 am

21 Oct 2009

1. Humans have the largest penises out of all primates.


In fact, the animal that you’d expect to have the largest, a gorilla, averages a 1.5 inch penis. You don’t want to be hung like a gorilla. So, how did humans come to possess such large sex organs? It could be a result of our upright progression. Our postures allow a multitude of sexual positions which cannot be performed without a large enough willy.

Hey Gorilla, don’t feel too bad…At least you have the Asians beat.

2. Humans might get “boners,” but we don’t have penis bones. Other mammals do, though.


Chimpanzees, dogs, cats, bears, and whales all have penis bones. They’re there to facilitate quick mating, allowing the male to penetrate without an erection.

Why not me?? Do you know how many drunken nights I could have used a penis bone? Man, that thing would come in handy. Penetration without an erection really isn’t an option for me…unless we’re talking about your mom.

3. Sperm from men who watch hardcore (man + woman) porn swim faster than sperm from men who watch lesbian porn.


Witnessing the act of copulation gets the competitive juices flowing, preparing sperm for a fight. The result is more, healthier and stronger sperm released with each ejaculation. Lesbian porn does not produce the same virtual environment because there are only women in view and the brain interprets that as “more for me!”

How can you blame them for going slower? You’d be tired too if you had to watch hours of lesbian porn with me.

4. Women can be allergic to semen.


There can be proteins in a man’s semen that set off allergic reactions, causing itching and burning. Fortunately, there is a way to reduce any allergies to semen that one might have. Through frequent and repeated exposure, a person can become desensitized and lead a normal life.

Well, I wouldn’t normally do this, but I’m going to take it upon myself to be charitable and help the needy. If frequent and repeated exposure is what these women need, then that’s what they are going to get. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

5. Women that regularly read BoozeWorthy have longer, more intense orgasms.


I know male readers can enjoy the site, but women will experience something different. A daily dose of off-color humor has a clear tie to the success of a woman’s sex life. Laughter is the most effective clitoral stimulus known to man, you can’t question science. Some say it’s cunnilingus, but it’s time to put the argument to bed. I also subliminally talk dirty to the female readers in my posts.

- Special thanks to Don’t Feed The Animals for facts 1-4.

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