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Neighbors Mistake Corpse for Halloween Decoration

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Posted By: The Booze at 12:32 pm

19 Oct 2009

LOS ANGELES — Residents of a Southern California apartment complex say they saw a lifeless body slumped on a neighbor’s patio, but didn’t call police because they thought it was part of a Halloween display.

Mostafa Mahmoud Zayed had apparently been dead since Monday.

Cameraman Austin Raishbrook, owner of RMG News, told the Los Angeles Times he was at the scene in Marina del Rey Thursday when authorities arrived. The 75-year-old Zayed was slumped over a chair on the third-floor balcony of his apartment with a single gunshot wound to the eye.

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department investigator says the case is an “apparent suicide.”

Raishbrook says neighbors told him they noticed the body Monday “but didn’t bother calling authorities because it looked like a Halloween dummy.”

This time of year there is a built-in “boy who cried wolf” mentality. Halloween displays are just getting too realistic these days. I remember when I was a kid I hated walking through a certain section of my neighborhood. Some asshole in a gorilla costume would wait in the bushes and pop out to scare people when they walked by. At a certain point, he stopped showing up and after a couple years I assumed he had retired the gorilla suit. Boy was I wrong…

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    One hell of a sexy scarecrow that :D D

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