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Japanese Scare Tactics is even better than the American version.

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Posted By: Doc Holliday at 10:24 am

15 Oct 2009

This video’s been popping up everywhere the last couple of days, so I figured we might as well post it, too.  It’s a guy on a Scare Tactics-esque show in Japan, and he thinks that everyone in the room gets shot by a sniper except for him.  I always thought these shows had to have some boundary lines in place so that no one would have a heart attack.  Like no direct death threats (even though it’s often implied), no rough physical contact, no pointing a weapon directly at a person, etc. – rules like that.  Apparently, in Japan, no one gives a fuck about liability and they scare the living shit out of people.  That dude in the video had no chance.  The bastards didn’t even let him have his obligatory 15-second wrap-up where they show him being a good sport and laughing.  Just heart attack.  Fin.

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  • Roy_cbudlong

    ohh this is really cool…

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