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German Arm-Wrestling Champ has a photogenic forearm.

In: Sports

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 9:27 am

14 Oct 2009


Meet Matthias Schlitte, a German arm-wrestling champ. When you take a gander at him, you can see the looks of a champion. Or someone who spends a lot of time at home alone on a Saturday night. (via

Wow.  This dude’s gotta be careful beating off.  He pretty much has to wear arm-wrestling advertisements all over his clothes so that people hopefully recognize he’s not just some freak with Popeye’s right arm and Roger Federer’s left.  He’s like the German equivalent of that Hispanic guy from Lady in the Water.  There’s a 100% chance that a nice young lady has requested that he “switch to his arm” during sex.  I know, Schlittey, it’s a gift and a curse.


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    Contrary to popular belief, you donu2019t have to have cannon balls for biceps or forearms like Popeye to win at arm wrestling, though they do help immensely. But with a bit of technique, a dash of speed, and little strategery, you can beat an opponent at arm wrestling whou2019s stronger than you are.u00a0

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