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Crazy Looking Animal of the Day (With Bonus Sex Tips)

In: Crazy Looking Animal of the Day

Posted By: The Booze at 8:48 am

14 Oct 2009


The Excalibur (noun) - 2 definitions found:

1. Excalibur is a game often played by college roommates. While one roommate is having anal sex with a girl in his bedroom, the rest of the roommates sit outside the door waiting for their roommate to yell out “EXCALIBURRR!!!” When the magic word is finally spoken, the first roommate to run in, pull the guy off the girl, and stick his own dick in her wins the game. (boozeworthy dictionary)

2. The Excalibur is the act of plunging your phallic sword into the butt of an unsuspecting damsel. In surprise, she clentches her quivering ass cheeks together, clamping your meat saber in the dark recesses of her “dragon’s lair.” Now, you must choose your destiny by pulling your sausage machete out of her butt jungle. (urban dictionary)

Though the above picture does lend itself to another lude sex act, the excalibur is no to be confused with the bronco…

The Bronco (noun) - A bronco is, when doing a chick in the ass, you grab her tits, bend over and whisper in her ear that you have AIDS. You then ride her for as long as possible. (urban dictionary)

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