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British Student Loses 8 Fingers in Art Class

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Posted By: The Booze at 11:27 am

14 Oct 2009

LONDON (Reuters)A school in eastern England was ordered to pay 19,000 pounds ($30,140) Monday after a 16-year-old girl lost nearly all her fingers when she put her hands in a bucket of plaster of Paris during an art lesson.

The teen-ager was attempting to make a sculpture of her own hands during a lesson in January 2007 when the accident happened, Boston Magistrates’ Court in Lincolnshire heard.

The plaster set around her hands and neither staff nor paramedics could get it off during the lesson at Giles School, in Boston.

The court was told that temperatures up to 60C can be generated in large quantities of plaster and the girl, who was not named in court, suffered terrible burns.

After a series of 12 operations, she was left with no fingers on one hand and just two on the other.

She got $30,140? That’s it? This girl lost eight digits on her hands. As far as I’m concerned, there should be eight digits in that settlement number. What’s fair is fair. This girl will have two fingers for the rest of her life because she was forced to take art class with a negligent teacher.

And if they knew the 12 surgeries were going to fail miserably, they should have just left the plaster on there. Why not turn her misfortune into good like Dr. Manhattan or The Incredible Hulk did? She could have been a superhero that could pack a real punch.

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  • Al K

    so losing one finger only worth a maximum of $9?

  • thebooze

    Solid point, but chicks dig guys with one missing finger. If it's the ring finger, you're always ready for the shocker.

  • Pip

    Why are you putting all the blame on a negligent teacher? Any person stupid enough to stick their hands in plaster of Paris for 10 minutes should be granted the Darwin award as far as I am concerned.

  • The Booze

    Listen here Pip, don't go making shit up if you're gonna question my judgment. Nowhere in that article does it say her hands were in there for 10 minutes. Play by the rules.

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