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Man Drowns in Hot Tub

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Posted By: The Booze at 10:26 am

13 Oct 2009

SOUTH PASADENA, Fla. —  Pinellas County authorities say a man apparently drowned in a hot tub after spending the day drinking and watching football.

The sheriff’s office identified the man Monday as 48-year-old Charles Collins Higgins of Treasure Island. A sheriff’s office report says he was found floating face-down in the hot tub late Sunday night at a home in South Pasadena, about six miles east of St. Petersburg.

Deputies say he was a guest of the home’s three residents and had spent the day watching football and drinking. Higgins was alone in the hot tub for about half an hour before he was found dead.

This shit aint so funny now, is it? OK, it’s still funny.

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  • The Jiggler

    All respect for the deceased,

    seems he had a Jigglin good day until his untimely demise.
    On the bright side, when my Jiggilin stops, I hope its as decent as his and not dying from an girl scouts assault. Just saying.

  • chronic

    Yeah seriously Jiggs is kinda on point,
    beats dying while at work or something.

    Shit find me dead, hopfully after a bj/sex with a hot broad, smokin a l, and/or drankin some whiskey.
    careful with the mix of booze and jacuz, thats the old saying

  • Hot Tubs, Saunas, Steam Rooms

    This story is unfortunately why drinking alcohol and using a hot tub don't mix. Not only can you fall asleep (perhaps what happened to this man?), but you can't tell as accurately when you're too hot, and need to exit the water.

    Hot tubs are great for their therapeutic effects, please, use them safely!

  • Nancy Tardibuono
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