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Chief of the Week: Josh McDaniels

In: Chief of the week

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 7:18 pm

13 Oct 2009

Steelers Patriots Football

We’ll at least give a small tip of the hat to Letterman this week for banging his interns in between guest spots on The Late Show.  Sleeping around isn’t really all that chief-like, but he did use the show to get intern Stephanie Birkitt on air so he could uncomfortably and shamelessly flirt with her on national television.  Here’s a somewhat amusing Exhibit A and a terribly awkward Exhibit B proving that point.  Just kind of annoys me.  But in the end, he only gets a nomination – don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Seth Green gets a nomination as well for a supposed “mugging” that took place on set, conveniently with a video camera rolling nearby.  I’m in the camp that thinks the story and video are both completely fake (just like the Jim Breuer pizza thing).  Just a way to get some attention for little Scotty Evil.  Here’s the video link, but realize if you click it you’re playing right into his hands.  Just like I did.  Damnit.

Onto the week’s victor.  Now, I realize as a Pats fan singling out Josh McDaniels it may seem like I ate a bag of sour grapes for lunch, but my beef with the guy actually has nothing to do with his coaching of the Broncos.  I just think he made an ass out of himself during the 3-minute window immediately following Sunday’s game against the Pats:

Seriously, guy?  5 fist pumps?  Reverse-tiger fist pumps nonetheless, those mean business.  Try to act like you’ve been there before, Billy Heywood.

I’ll admit, Josh is already a great NFL head coach.  He was a huge piece of the dynasty here in New England and for that I am eternally grateful.  He’s amassed a wealth of football knowledge in his young career, and he’s one of the most ambitious bastards I’ve ever seen in football administration.  That being said, when you don’t make it your #1 priority to go shake the hand of the man who is largely responsible for all of the success you’ve had as a professional coach over the past ten years, then I’m going to call your ass out.  I mean, Belichick at the 1:20 mark looked more disappointed than Mel Gibson after he unmasked Robert the Bruce.

Anyway Josh, here’s hoping the Chargers bring you down a few notches next Sunday.  Shawn Merriman almost won this contest a couple of weeks ago.  It’s touching - a rehabilitated nominee dishing out some humility to Josh McD -

The Chief of the Week.

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