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Marge Simpson Set to Strip for Playboy

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Posted By: The Booze at 1:05 pm

12 Oct 2009

Daily Mail Reporter - She may have caught the eye of Homer Simpson, but his wife Marge is not the usual Playboy pin-up. For a start, she has very tall blue hair, yellow skin and is not at all real. Yet the beehived matriarch of America’s most loved dysfunctional family is Playboy magazine’s November cover.

The mother-of-three, who tastefully conceals her assets behind a signature Playboy Bunny chair, is the first cartoon character ever to front the glossy adult magazine. She joins the ranks of sex symbols like Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford.

Playboy also promises a story inside called ‘The Devil in Marge Simpson’. Playboy said the cover and a three-page picture spread inside was a celebration of the 20th anniversary of cartoon ‘The Simpsons’. It is also part of a plan to appeal to a younger generation of readers.

Playboy just can’t compete with the internet these days. People aren’t going to buy a magazine full of nude pictures when they can find an endless supply of free porn online. I’d feel bad for old Hugh Hefner, but he’s made quite enough money in his day. He also has two 20-something twin girlfriends.

It’s understandable that the people running his company would try something like this. It’s something new and different that will draw people’s attention back to their brand. They have done the celebrity and athlete spreads in the past, it’s reasonable that they would try something new.

I, personally, won’t be buying this issue. I’m just not into the whole animated porn thing. Since I’m not Asian, I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising. However, any guy who tells you he isn’t curious about the Marge Simpson spread is full of shit. If the magazine fell in our lap, we’d all be curious enough to take a look. The same goes for Lara Croft, Princess Jasmine, or Jessica Rabbit.

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