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Disaster strikes at Plastic Surgery contest!

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Posted By: Alfred K at 9:44 pm

11 Oct 2009

Disaster struck the Miss Plastic fake breast competition today when the pageant’s favorite suffered a breast-induced accident and was forced to withdraw.

Blonde and busty Alexandra Horvath was forced to exit the Miss Plastic beauty contest in Hungary after her large fake breasts caused her to topple over and tear a ligament in her foot.

The Miss Plastic beauty contest is only open to women who have had their breast augmented. It was created by women with fake boobs who were fed up with being unable to participate in conventional beauty pageants.

Ms. Horvath suffered her unfortunate injury just after completing the breast examination stage of the contest. She scored very highly in the section and was congratulated for her fine “bodywork” and lack of scars. It was at this point that her large breasts caused her to lose balance and fall over.

I’ve never understood the allure of plastic surgery.  Its so fake looking and pretty easy to tell.  If you need to get surgery to “look good”, maybe the logical conclusion should be “lets not be a model” as opposed to “lets get life altering surgery”.  Shit, some people even die on the operating table, like Kanye’s mom RIP.  I think the future will hold less implants as the fashion industry embraces the natural look.  Instead of plastic surgery, people will simply manipulate their DNA to achieve perfection in their looks.

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