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Posted By: Alfred K at 5:58 pm

9 Oct 2009


Theo Fleury acknowledges he was allegedly sexually abused by junior coach Graham James, a convicted sex offender, while he played for James, and attributes that to driving him to alcohol and drugs during his NHL career, according to a new autobiography making waves in the Canadian media.

“Graham was on me once or twice a week for the next two years,” Fleury writes, according to several Canadian sources, including MacLeans. “An absolute nightmare, every day of my life.”

James, a well-known Canadian junior hockey coach, served 3½ years in prison after being convicted of sexually abusing some of his players, including Sheldon Kennedy, the only player prior to Fleury to go public. James currently coaches junior hockey in Europe.

Fleury writes that “the direct result of my being abused was that I became a f—ing raging, alcoholic lunatic,” according to the report in MacLeans.

Fleury played in the NHL for 16 seasons, the first 11 with the Calgary FlamesChicago Blackhawks; he tried to come back at age 41 with the Flames in training camp this fall but was cut. before a trade to Colorado. Known as a feisty, fiery player, he had 1,840 penalty minutes in 1,084 career games and also scored 455 career goals.

I thought sexual abuse was a necessary pre-requisite for hockey players?  Kids on my high school team use to brag about doing the elephant walk.  If you dont know what that is…might I refer you to this.

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