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How does this movie exist: Karate Dog

In: How is this real?

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 2:44 pm

9 Oct 2009


Aside from the driving and the whole karate thing, let’s see if you can name every other ridiculous part of this video in one exhale.  Take a deep breath aaannnnddd go!

Full House stock footage (:00), Mr. Miyagi (:05), ooze? (:08), sweep the leg, johnny (:13), Chevy Chase? (:15), opposable thumbs (:34), urinals (:43), Jamie Pressley nsfw (:44), canine dating advice (:50), random keg (1:05), canine musicians (1:06), the violinist (1:08), canine conga line (1:11), Wishbone DJ (1:12), Mr. Balloon Hands? (1:14), (1:15), more urine (1:19), Jon Voigt!? (1:21), yup, that’s definitely ooze (1:36), Les Grossman (1:48), more opposable thumbs (1:50), Hannibal for kids (1:53), Agent Utah (2:00), sick fatality (2:18 -).

Winded.  I’m gonna go nap.

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