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Lucic’s Agent Bitter About His Love For Boston

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Posted By: The Booze at 4:05 pm

8 Oct 2009

ESPN Boston - With Lucic putting his cards right out on the table, there wasn’t much for his agent Gerry Johansson to do but get a deal done. Over the course of the last month, the sides went back and forth before coming to a conclusion.

“Their control over him is he wants to be a Boston Bruin,” said Johansson, when asked about the Bruins still controlling Lucic after this deal expires. “He hates everybody else. He just wants to play for the Boston Bruins.”

Awww, isn’t he cute? When I read this, all I could picture was this video. How awesome is it to have a player enjoy playing in Boston so much that he develops a hatred for every other team.

Lucic’s agent sure isn’t trying to hide his displeasure for the way his client handled contract negotiations. Sure, Milan didn’t put himself in a great position by spilling his emotional attachment to the team, but give the kid a break. He’s still young and thankfully it’s not all about the money yet.

Besides, he is going to make upwards of $4 million a year. That’s very very good for someone with 17-25-42 totals last season. If the agent had pushed for any more money, he might have hurt Milan’s chances of staying in Boston. Maybe the agent could have gotten him a 4th year, thus avoiding restricted free agency in 2013, but I guess we’ll never know.

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  • The Jiggler

    Jiggler is BACK.

    Once heard Lucic on with Jamn (no one knew how to say his name ormuch about hockey) and he sounded pretty much like a normal, nice guy. Kid is just a good player and as you put it “is not about the money yet.” More than we can say for 99% of athletes out there.

    He also has made enemies probbaly on every team, since he always beats the shit out of guys. Either way, I like it.

    Jiggle on Bruins, Jiggle all the way to the cup.

  • Stephen978

    ya i would hear him on boston radio shows and everyone would pronounce his name Milan Lusees. he is an absolute beast and is becoming the most feared man in all the NHL. So pumped for this season. Go B's

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