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Chief of the Week: Kanye West

In: Chief of the week

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 9:16 am

6 Oct 2009


So, we find ourselves a couple weeks out from the Taylor Swift incident.  I didn’t do a write up on Kanye that week because I was wicked busy, because the incident was somewhat old news after a full week had passed, because we had posted the video a couple times already, etc., etc.  But the son of a bitch still hasn’t learned.  So, let’s spend the whole column reviewing some of Kanye’s greatest hits.  We’ll begin with his antics last week, when he somehow managed to make a charity event for underprivileged youths all about K-A-N-Y-E

Apparently, Kanye West’s character-check getaway isn’t going too well.  According to reports, the rapper showed up over the weekend to Common’s highly publicized benefit show at the Hollywood Palladium, and threw another one of his egotistical tantrums backstage. The rapper was allegedly upset over his not being offered food while in the dressing room backstage. After spotting a man eating chicken, West blurted, “Why wasn’t I offered chicken? You want me to perform for free, [and] everyone is eating…why am I not eating?”

When the waitress explained that he never asked for food, ‘Ye yelled, “Well, I’m asking now!” After receiving chicken, he allegedly proceeded to take a bite and then throw the rest in the trash. Meanwhile, the rapper’s beau, Amber Rose, stood silent, while other celebrities backstage watched in awe. Other guests that night included Nas, Ludacris, Mos Def, De La Soul, Heavy D, and Queen Latifah.

In case you needed anymore convincing that Kanye is a douchebag, I think this incident quietly encapsulates his true character.  I mean, if you’re backstage with and Heavy D, and you’re somehow the only one bitching about fried chicken, then you know something’s wrong.  And what the hell is his fugly girlfriend doing this whole time?  Get ahold of the guy for Christ’s sake and prove you’re more than a huge ass with legs.  I don’t know if she reminds me more of Annie Lennox or Sisqo.kanye west 010309

Now onto one of the best youtube videos of all time.  Natural disaster, racial tension, inexperienced ad-libbing, and live television - it’s a perfect storm of uncomfortability.

I mean, I think even this chick could string a more coherent sentence together.  Then there’s this video of Kanye bitching about how he had to perform on some sort of secondary stage at the 2007 VMAs while Britney Spears got main stage.  This is pretty much how I envision the fried chicken incident went down.

At least in 2007 he was being a dick off-stage.  Now he probably doesn’t even get a seat assignment at award shows because the producers expect him to walk around wherever he wants anyway.  Rumor has it, he’s going to rehab at year’s end, but that won’t do a damn thing.  Guaranteed he does something shameless and retarded well before 2010.  Hey, I was right about the Spencer prediction, wasn’t I?  Once a chief of the week, always a…

Chief of the Week.

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