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5 Funniest Childhood Misconceptions via Reddit

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Posted By: The Booze at 10:31 am

6 Oct 2009


5. “I thought gunpoint was a place. As in “Tonight two men were robbed at gunpoint.” I couldn’t figure out why people would keep going there.”

4. “I always wondered why they don’t just test medicine/products on people who are on death row.”

3. “I was told that girls didn’t have penises, and thought for a long time that they just had balls.”

2. “My dad told me asians had horizontal vaginas when i was a kid. i was very dissapointed when i got AOL.”

1. “I thought the words “jizz” and “piss” were interchangeable, so for a while i went around telling people i had to go take a jizz when i needed to go to the bathroom”

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