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Kentucky Fried Ass Kicking

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Posted By: The Booze at 11:26 am

5 Oct 2009

NORWELL, Mass. —  A couple, upset over the slowness of their Kentucky Fried Chicken order, assaulted a man who asked them to stop yelling profanities for the sake of children in line, police said.

Police said the couple was arrested Thursday after witnesses told police the couple beat the man as he was leaving the fast food joint.

According to police, 31-year-old Jared Garfagna, of Marshfield, punched the man in the head, then Garfagna’s girlfriend, 24-year-old Sara Mohn, kicked the victim.

Mohn was arrested and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Garfagna will be summonsed to court for assault and battery. It’s unclear if either have hired an attorney.

Do you know who is really at fault for this incident? That KFC employee who decided to take his sweet ass time preparing the order. I guarantee you he did it on purpose too. Working in fast food is not enjoyable, every now and then you feel compelled to take frustrations out on the customer. My first job was with Dunkin Donuts. Every morning I would deal with impatient customers who had just rolled out of bed. I am not a morning person either, so when I crossed paths with angry customers a perfect storm ensued. I remember this one time, near the end of my shift, a woman asked for a dozen chocolate frosted donuts. I put together her order and sent her on her way. About 5 minutes later the woman drove up again and started yelling that I got her order wrong. I asked her what she would like instead…again she asked for 12 chocolate frosted donuts. At this point I realized that she meant chocolate glazed. Instead of correcting her, I apologized and brought her 12 chocolate frosted with sprinkles. This irritated the shit out of her, so she asked if there was anyone else around to help her. I went to the back room, clocked out, and sent Zolt, the person who knew the least amount of english over to the window. I then laughed maniacally all the way home.

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