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“Fake Hymens, not for us” – Muslims

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Posted By: Alfred K at 12:36 am

2 Oct 2009

A leading Islamic scholar is calling for the death penalty for traffickers of a $15 device which allows non-virgin women to simulate having their hymen broken, which he decries as encouraging sinful fornication.
The device, made in China and increasingly widely available in the Arab world, allows women who might otherwise not have intact hymens to simulate the bloody penetration demanded of them by Islamic society on their wedding nights.
Using fake blood to imitate genuine deflowering, it provides a cheap alternative to costly hymen reconstruction surgery, whilst still allowing women to trick their husbands into thinking they are virgins.
A professor at a leading Islamic university in Egypt decries the device as encouraging fornication out of wedlock, and argues that those responsible for its importation are responsible for corrupting the virtues of Islamic society and should thus face execution.
Egyptian politicians are calling for the device to be banned forthwith.
Via the BBC.

I use this product all the time on prostitutes.  Not really a big deal in my mind.  Nothing like a little fake blood to trick your mind into pleasure.

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