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Archive for October, 2009

A great weekend lies ahead, my friends. Spice it up with a round of pumpkin pie shots at the bar.

Very crafty, Arnie. The letter gets even better if your read the whole thing in an Austrian accent.

Police in Langley are investigating after a woman kicked a man in the groin so hard he lost a testicle — the latest in a series of similar assaults.

Natasha’s got a little Elizabeth Shue/that chick from Community kinda thing going on, and I am loving it. I hope I find a Snow White for myself this weekend.

More Bill Dance Fishing Outtakes – Watch more Funny Videos

Tough loss for the B’s last night. On the upside, I thought they looked really sharp at both ends of the ice. Bergeron and Kreji had great games.

Butterfaces: great bodies but questionable faces.  See below, exhibit #1 Famous butterfaces of the internet.  You’ve probably j-o’ed to atleast one of them before, be honest.  I know I have. See the rest here

Typical morning for me

In: Comics

30 Oct 2009

This happens to me alot!  Except I get up at noon. Some other great comics in this “style” here:

Thank you, barkeep. My thoughts exactly.


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