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Dudes in Japan pee sitting down?!?!

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Posted By: Alfred K at 8:20 pm

28 Sep 2009

A survey by a top Japanese toilet manufacturer has found that the number of men who urinate sitting down has increased 10% in the last 5 years, to 33.4%. 10% apparently admitted they did so because their wives or mothers told them to.
The 2009 market survey, by Toto, found that since 2004 the number of men sitting on western style toilets to urinate increased 10%, from 23.7% to 33.4%, with only 57% still preferring to stand.
Reasons given were as follows:
1. To stop urine splashing around (69.5%)
2. It is more comfortable (45.5%)
3. It is easier to clean up (43.1%)
4. Was told to by family or similar (10.8%)
Standers in contrast overwhelming gave “Because that’s how you do it” as their response, with 82.2% saying so. Comfort and quickness both trailed with 20%.

This survey absolutely astounded me. Even if I was in the Larry David in his scenario (he doesn’t like to pee standing up in the dark), I would just suck it up, give it my best aim, and if I make a puddle, don’t worry about it, just open a window and let Mr. Evaporation do his work. How could it be more comfortable? You have to do all the work of building a nest, bending over, aiming downwards (this can be hard to do, especially with a pee-boner). But I don’t build a nest you might say. That’s fuckin disgusting dude! I just pissed all over that seat the other day.
What’s next for men? Are dudes gonna start wearing tampons anytime they have a little bloody anal leakage? Everyone knows you just gotta suck it up and wear red boxers when this happens.

Just read this article. What would you do if your spouse forced you to pee sitting down? Oh, and don’t worry ladies, I got you covered too.

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