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Bad Karaoke Performance Earns CT Woman an Ass Whooping

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28 Sep 2009

STAMFORD, Conn. Police in Connecticut said six women attacked a karaoke singer because they disliked her performance.

Investigators said the victim, a 25-year-old Stamford woman, was singing at about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday at Bobby Valentine’s Sports Gallery Cafe in Stamford when the six suspects shouted derogatory statements, The (Norwalk, Conn.) Hour reported Friday.

Lt. Sean Cooney, a Stamford police spokesman, said the fight broke out after the singer told the other women they could leave if they did not like her singing.

I realize that drunk karaoke is supposed to be a fun time, but there are always people who ruin it. People need to know their own limits when choosing a song. Prior to hitting puberty I was a singing prodigy, but that ship sailed when my balls dropped. I limit my karaoke selections to hip hop and barry white. Don’t you think asian people should learn to speak english before they dive into mariah carey? Why do bros think they are bringing comedic genius to the table by singing spice girls songs? Why do goths come out of their shells to mumble through songs that nobody has ever heard before? I don’t blame the bitches in this story for taking out the garbage. I know I’ve wanted to do what this guy does on several ocassions…

And since when did they turn karaoke into a full band affair? That guy on the drums is really selling it.

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