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What’s Kirk Cameron Up To These Days? Comparing Darwin to Hitler, Of Course!

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Posted By: The Booze at 12:50 pm

23 Sep 2009

TMZEvangelical actor Kirk Cameron is on a serious crusade against Charles Darwin — connecting the scientist’s most famous and significant work to Adolf Hitler.

To commemorate the upcoming 150th anniversary of Darwin’s “Origin of Species” — Kirk has released a 6-minute long video on his evangelical website bashing Darwin’s book along with C.D.’s famous theory of evolution.

In the video attack — which Kirk made to promote the release of a reworked, creationist edition of “Origin of Species” — Kirk essentially calls Darwin a racist, a woman-hater and claims Darwin’s theory has an “undeniable connection” with Hitler.

But it gets better — Kirk claims he will be embarking on a college tour, in the hopes of infiltrating the minds of America’s future “lawyers, doctors and politicians.” To quote Kirk, “These students aren’t stupid.”

Catch me if I’m wrong here, but the last time I checked the history books, Charles Darwin wasn’t a notorious anti-semite. Why do religious fanatics think they can just toss around outrageous comparisons and get away with it?

Why do child stars always disappoint? If I was Kirk Cameron I definitely wouldn’t grow up to be an internet evangelist. I’d be doing made-for-tv movies out the ying yang and partying in vegas. Kirk has obviously been spending too much time with this guy. I think it would be entertaining to lock Tom Cruise and Kirk Cameron in a room together just to see what would happen.

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