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Woman Survives A Tree Branch Through The Neck

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Posted By: The Booze at 4:39 pm

21 Sep 2009

Fox NewsA joy ride through the wilderness of Northern Idaho turned into a nightmare for 22-year-old Michelle Childers and her husband after a tree branch came crashing through a window of their truck — impaling Michelle in the neck.

Childers and her husband Daniel were driving along the Lochsa River in the mountains of North Central Idaho on Sept. 5 when the accident happened, KHQ-TV reported.

Michelle Childers literally didn’t know what hit her. ”I asked (my husband) ‘what where is it?’ “Childers told the news station. Her husband answered, “It’s in your neck.”

About an hour after the incident, Childers and her husband arrived at Lochsa Lodge near the Idaho/Montana border where a helicopter and ambulance were immediately called in. Childers was airlifted to St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula, Mont., where she underwent a six-hour operation to remove the 13-inch Spruce tree branch from her neck. She’s now recovering at home.

So what sneaky hospital worker caught these photos? This poor woman has a branch through her neck and some guy is snapping photographs in her face? How about giving this chick some drugs first? I know I wouldn’t want to be awake if there was a tree in my neck. She probably won’t be a fan of her new scar, but at least it will make for one hell of a scar story. I’m jealous, the only scar story I have is for the one on my nipple and I promised some girl I wouldn’t tell that one.

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  • doc

    Hope her husband is an ostomist…and yes, that is a disgusting fetish I'm referring to.

  • NuVisage Review

    Opps OMG! Its looking so scary, Hope she is alright.nu00a0

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