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15-Year-Old Shoots Himself in The Dick

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Posted By: The Booze at 8:29 am

9 Sep 2009

New York Post - It’s a lesson he should have learned from Plaxico Burress — but this was worse. A 15-year-old Brooklyn boy shot himself in the penis Sunday after fumbling with a gun that had slid from his waistband, authorities said yesterday.

Khamir Grant was then arrested for reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon — the same charges levied against Burress, who shot himself at a Manhattan nightclub in 2008, law-enforcement sources said.

Grant told cops that he was walking home from Amersfort Park at East 39th Street and Avenue J in East Flatbush around 1:30 a.m., when the gun began to fall into his pants, sources said.

When Grant grabbed for it, he accidentally pulled the trigger, firing a bullet right through his penis. Grant staggered home and told his mom what had happened, sources said. They took a livery car to Kings County Hospital, where Grant was released after treatment and then arrested by police.

I would never carry a gun unless it was stuck in the back side of a tight pair of jeans. Why the hell would you ever want to aim it at your dick? I don’t even own a gun, yet I am constantly paranoid about the safety of my johnson. I refuse to put my laptop on my lap because I don’t want dick cancer. So come on guy, use some common sense. You can’t wear baggy pants and carry a gun, that’s like wearing a speedo in P-town.

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