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Power Ranger News…Yes, There’s Quite A Bit

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Posted By: The Booze at 7:52 am

3 Sep 2009


TMZThe Black Ranger just pled not guilty to DUI. Lawyers for Walter Jones, the dude who donned black spandex to fight Rita Repulsa as “Zach Taylor” back in the day — were in an Alabama court yesterday to enter the plea.

Jones was arrested back in July when cops said he was driving while hammered around 4 AM.  A trial has been set for mid-November.

Does anyone else find it fucked up that the black power ranger was played by a black man? Isn’t it also f’d up that the yellow ranger was played by an asian girl? Jeez, television shows got away with all kinds of shit in the 90′s. “That’s like if my last name was Jew…Like Larry Jew.”



Kung Fu CinemaIt’s common to hear about MMA fighters like Randy Couture becoming actors but in this case it’s the other way around. Jason Frank, the 35-year-old actor best known as Tommy Oliver, AKA the Green Ranger on the long-running MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS TV series is planning to become a professional MMA fighter.

Frank has signed on with Suckerpunch Entertainment and is currently training with UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard.

In an interview conducted with Suckerpunch, Frank talked about building on his 23 years of martial arts experience with specific skills required in the ring. “I have my blue belt in BJJ from Gracie Baja now, but we needed to have that ground game integrated into Tose Kune Do. There was a blank there. So we added wrestling, BJJ, etc. to it. Melvin Guillard has really helped add the wrestling. I needed to get with someone who could put it all together for me.

Normally, I would fully support this decision. The Green Ranger kicked some serious ass in his hay-day. However, how does he expect to win in the ring without his pony tail? Didn’t he watch any Steven Seagal movies? I hope this guy knows that he can’t morph into a robot when he gets put in the anaconda choke.


There really isn’t any breaking news story about the pink ranger these days. I just decided to include her in this post anyway. Watching this chick’s ass…i mean watching this chick kick ass every episode brought a whole new meaning to the term “morphin time.”

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