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Mental Hospital Worker Forces Patient to Eat Nails

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Posted By: The Booze at 8:05 am

2 Sep 2009

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — A Pennsylvania mental hospital worker has admitted giving four nails to a patient and getting her to swallow them.

Athena Marie Sidlar, a former 28-year-old psychiatric aide trainee at Allentown State Hospital, pleaded guilty Wednesday in Lehigh County Court to reckless endangerment.

Police say that in January, she showed an 18-year-old female patient how to swallow nails. Four nails had to be removed from the patient’s stomach.

Sidlar says she has bipolar disorder and swallows nails and other metal objects. Her attorney, Ettore Angelo of Quakertown, said his client is trying to battle her affliction.

Reckless endangerment? I can think of several items more innapropriate than nails to stick down a patient’s throat. I would like to think that she was teaching her patient a valuable skill.  What if this mental patient had a future in magic? With David Blaine and Criss Angel doing such crazy shit these days, today’s magicians gotta differentiate.

I used to pay kids to eat cookies off the floor in middle school, I’d obviously pay to see someone eat a nail. And don’t tell me this mental patient had no chance of becoming a magician. James Taylor was once a psych patient at McLean Hospital in Bemont, MA (he kept goin to Carolina in his mind) and that guy won a bunch of grammy awards.

I’ve actually considered giving nails a try. After all, my doctor says I need more iron in my diet…ba dump ching.

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