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Robin Starr is a hypocrite.

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Posted By: Doc Holliday at 6:43 pm

26 Aug 2009


Richmond, VA - An executive for an anti-animal cruelty group says her 16-year-old blind and deaf dog died after she accidentally left him in her hot car for four hours.

Robin Starr, the CEO of the Richmond Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, says she didn’t realize “Louie” was in the car until noon. Starr’s husband, Ed, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch he put the dog in her car as she got ready for work Aug. 19. She often took the dog to work with her.

Robin Starr took the dog to two clinics, but he died of kidney failure.  The National Weather Service says the temperature had reached 91 degrees by noon that day.

The board of the SPCA says it still supports Starr, who has been CEO since 1997 and does not plan to resign. It was unclear whether she would be charged.

Few things piss me off more than a self-righteous hypocrite in a position of power.  Conversely, few things please me more than a self-righteous hypocrite who finally gets their ass caught redhanded for contradicting everything they stand for.  It’s like the guy who comes up with the Truth ads dying from emphezema.

The dog was blind and deaf for pete’s sake.  His life was bad enough without being locked in a makeshift greenhouse when it’s 91 outside.  Poor little Louie didn’t know what the fuck was going on.  He was more confused than a chameleon in a pack of skittles.  Fuck the SPCA.  I say we force-feed this lady a gallon of water, handcuff and blindfold her, and drop her off in the desert for 28 hours (4 hrs in dog yrs).  See if kidney failure turns out to be her biggest problem.

I wouldn’t make her wear earplugs though…I mean, that would just be inhumane.

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