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Obama looking to stimulate us.. literally!

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Posted By: Alfred K at 9:09 pm

25 Aug 2009

The Federal Government’s stimulus package is living up to its name as scientists across the country get involved in some frisky behavior.

The government’s stimulus package has been a boon for many, including those scientists who work in the field of sexual behavior. Increased funding means more money to fund studies that delve into the sex lives of ordinary Americans.

According to the New York Post, these are some of the sex-related studies that will take place all thanks to the Federal Government’s stimulus package:

* Examine “barriers to correct condom use” at Indiana University, at a cost of $221,000.

* Study “hookups” among adolescents at Syracuse University. Study’s cost: $219,000.

* Evaluate “drug use as a sex enhancer” in an analysis of “high-risk community sex networks” at the University of Illinois, Chicago. That study will cost $123,000.

* Study how methamphetamine, thought to produce an “insatiable need” for sex among users, “enhances the motivation for female rat sexual behavior.” Some $28,000 has been awarded for the University of Maryland at Baltimore study.

No wonder whenever I go to motels, methwhores give me such low prices for sex!  It’s a win-win for them.

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