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Michael Beasley is forgetful.

In: Facebook/Twitter

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 12:57 pm

24 Aug 2009


Beasley just recently posted this pic of his new tattoo on Twitter.  A lot of people are assuming that the baggy on the floor contains weed.  What do I think?  I think it’s just a bag of Ju Ju Beas…

Nice tattoo, idiot.

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  • Chronic

    Note to BEasley, it would have been just as cool to have “Beas Knees” on your knees.

    PS. you are now the third celeb/public figure to say you're the One's son. The other two, Nas and Jesus. Somehiow I feel like you're not even close to either of those individuals.
    NO reason to committ suicide cuz people know you blaze, look at MArbury. Just hide the bags, clown.

    but seriously, it doesn't definitievly even look like weed, how is everyone just assuming that?

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