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Guy Gets Beat Up By 3 Women For Wolf Whistling

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:10 am

20 Aug 2009

GRIMSBY, England, Aug. 19 (UPI)Three women were fined by a British judge for savagely beating a man they mistakenly believed had whistled at them.

Authorities said Richard Tailby, 22, was walking with friends in Grimsby, England, when one of his companions wolf-whistled at the three women, identified as Vanessa Delaney, 38, Claire Edwards, 25, and Sally Pawson, 24, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

The women mistakenly identified Tailby as the whistler and chased him to a nearby parking lot, where Edwards grabbed the man in a headlock while the other two women punched and kicked him to the ground. All three women admitted to being drunk at the time of the incident.

Wait, what? These women were on the receiving end of a wolf whistle and got pissed off? Don’t they realize that’s a compliment? Why on earth would they be offended? Sure they were drunk, but in my experience that makes them . There is really only one explanation here…they were fat.

Think about it…all the pieces of this puzzle fit together if you assume the women were fat.

1. They obviously assumed they were being mocked by the wolf whistle (a correct assumption)
2. A man ran away from 3 women. A man doesn’t run away from 120 pounders…he runs away from these.
3. Skinny women can’t throw punches and leave a mark.
4. Fat women have slow reflexes and easily could have mistaken which man whistled at them.

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