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You're Tweeting God? Why Not Tweet Santa?

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Posted By: The Booze at 8:49 am

18 Aug 2009

– Want to tweet God? An Israeli university student has opened a Twitter site,, where prayers can be sent for placement in the crevices of Jerusalem‘s Western Wall, a Jewish holy site that faithful believe provides a direct line to the Almighty.

“I take their prayers, print them out and drive to Jerusalem to put them in the Western Wall,” said Alon Nir, a resident of Tel Aviv.

With nearly 2,000 followers on Twitter, Alon has reinforced my suspicion that twitterers are a gullible bunch. For all we know, this kid could be sitting in his mom’s basement in Tampa, Florida. Yet 2,000 people trusted this man to deliver their most important prayers to the Western Wall in Jersualem.

So let’s pretend I am a pedophile…what’s stopping me from creating a “Santa” twitter account? I could invite little kids to follow me on twitter and tell me what they want for Christmas. After that, I’d ask them where they live, to which they would eagerly reply in hopes of receiving their presents. It’s a predators dream really.

P.S. – I  will take no responsibility in the event that one of our readers adopts this plan.

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