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Afghanistan: Starving for Sex

In: News

Posted By: The Booze at 2:05 pm

17 Aug 2009

Afghanistan has quietly passed a law permitting Shia men to deny their wives food and sustenance if they refuse to obey their husbands’ sexual demands, despite international outrage over an earlier version of the legislation which President Hamid Karzai had promised to review.

Some would call this law barbaric. I am going to hold my tongue on this one folks. Let’s ask our readers to comment on this story.

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  • Peyton Manning

    That's what I'm talking about.

  • Tom Brady

    Shut up Peyton, we all know you're gay.

  • Regis Philbin

    It's a good thing for my wife we don't live in Afghanistan, my “sexual demands” would probably leave her without an appetite anyway.

  • quasimoto

    so if shes acting up is she not allowed to swallow a load? so many technicalities

  • Christian

    This is gross people! Women deserve our respect!

  • Atheist

    Go fuck yourself, Christian!

  • Jim Rome


  • Chronic

    “quietly passed a law”
    SO let me get this straight? They basically secretly/quickly pass this law because they are worried about international backlask OR their wives being pissed? They sound like pussies to me, the men, not the women.

    Also, I expect a lot of sexual injuries to men to come out of the region.

  • The Mofucking Jiggler

    Damn son, talk about gov jigglin their way into personal lives.
    now i employ and represent people on jighustle records, and some of them are women. we give em pearly whites with our custom dental program, free or subsidized plan B, a “short skirt, long success” program specifically for women, and free breast exams done personally by me or Chester (The Molester), based on height, weight and face.

    Afghanastan can learn a lot from me.

  • BostonSportsPulse

    It's a good concept. But they kind of fucked up. The fact that the men control any aspect of the food is beyond me. A woman's three reasons for being are to 1.) handle all food related business, shopping for it, cooking it, serving it, the works. 2.) Cleaning the household and all beings inside said household. 3.) Fuck the living daylights out of the man they cook/clean for.

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