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The Shack Formerly Known as Radio Shack

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:05 am

6 Aug 2009

NEW YORK — RadioShack (RSH) is the latest older, “legacy” brand to try to put a cool, hip spin on itself. The 88-year-old electronics outfit will re-introduce itself Thursday as just “The Shack” — at least in its ads.

The retail chain is spending a big chunk of its $200 million ad budget for this year on new TV and digital ads to introduce The Shack as its name for advertising and marketing purposes. Signs outside of stores will remain RadioShack. The company hopes to hold onto to its brand heritage and attract more tech-savvy shoppers.

Man, society has become so lazy these days that we have begun to abbreviate everything. From KFC to BK… LOL to Noob, it seems as though every part of our day involves some form of abbreviation. These sentences I just wrote were actually entirely too long for 2009. Let’s try that again…

Yo, we so lazy we’ve been abbrevin erythin. KFC, BK, LOL, Noob…we abbrevin all day. Shiit, I wrote too much. bring it back…

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