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Horrible Ways to Die: Entry #4

In: Horrible Ways to Die

Posted By: The Booze at 8:21 am

5 Aug 2009

Pictured Above: Not Pvt. Martin S. Eskew

Death by Manure Suffocation

Dec. 3, 1990:

Private Martin S. Eskew, A parachutist with the U.S. Army Reserve, was killed in Maryland when a routine jump went bad and the soldier landed in a pool of liquified manure just outside the drop zone. 13 reservists formed a human chain in an effort to save Eskew, but were too late. Eskew, 20, died of asphyxiation.

One of the soldiers actually joked about the manure pool prior to jumping when he said “whoever lands in that shit is walking home.” Real fucking funny guy, reeeaaaal fucking funny.

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