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Woman Gets AIDS From Gorilla

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Posted By: The Booze at 6:58 pm

4 Aug 2009

ScienceNOW - Researchers are shaking up the HIV family tree again. For the first time, investigators have found what looks like a gorilla version of the AIDS virus in a person. They do not know how the woman became infected but suspect that other humans harbor a similar virus. The possibility that gorillas can transmit the virus to humans further underscores the danger of butchering the apes or keeping them as pets, which still occurs in some African communities.

They don’t know how she got infected? Please, I think we all know how you get Gorilla AIDS…you fuck a goddamn gorilla. This lady has obviously been watching too much King Kong. Imagine getting news from your doctor that you have Gorilla AIDS? That would suck. She probably did the deed thinking nobody would ever find out about it…well honey, unless you’ve been shooting heroin with an ape…your secret is out.

I cannot end this story without mentioning some good news…There is a silver lining here for people with AIDS: Cheer up folks, at least you don’t have Gorilla AIDS.

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  • the dude

    it makes sense, women love getting dominated by alpha males like myself, the next step up is gorrilla

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