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Archive for July, 2009

After the workout the machine squirts in your face.

Yogi Berra:  “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” A.) B.) C.) I know, I know, this was a tough one.  Is it the half-naked girl in the white, gray, or blue?  Maybe it’s the chick that’s not kissing a mirror.  Hmmm, maybe C because she has the biggest tits. You [...]

L.A. Rag - We have heard that Adrian’s uncut (region) mixed with the belief that a star of his stature doesn’t need to shower results in a very unpleasant hummer for the star slut that goes down on him. Adrian’s such a ladies man he doesn’t have to shower, we know because we’ve had this danky [...]

RACHEL STEVENS is a 31 year-old singer and actress from the Southgate, London. She is a former member for the British pop group S Club 7, who are most famous in the U.S. for their song “Never Had a Dream Come True.” The S Club had their own BBC T.V. series as well. After the group split up in 2003, Stevens began her solo music career. Apart from BBC appearances, she is also noted for a cameo in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. In 2008, Stevens competed on the show “Strictly Come Dancing” (the British version of “Dancing with the Stars”) and eventually came in 2nd place. Lucky for her, she did win a spot on Getting to Know…

The Wood Spider

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29 Jul 2009

I’m the last person on Earth I thought would get a chuckle out of this video.  I hate spiders more than the thought of going down on Madonna.  If you share the same phobia, then just back up a couple feet from your computer screen.  And if you suddenly feel something brush against the back [...]

Survival Tip: Don’t sport an afro/mullet, it is extra-flammable.

Jello Wrestling

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28 Jul 2009

Ahh jello wrestling. One of the greatest inventions of man. If you are a VIP boozeworthy reader, you probably already know about the event that is happening this weekend. If not, check out the video below and have a nice wet dream.

Meet the woman whose emotional needs are met by a 1,000ft iron monument – and the other unlikely lovers giving new meaning to the term ‘solid relationship’ Imagine a world in which people seem hostile while inanimate objects appear friendly – even affectionate. Imagine dreading the touch of another human but longing for a passionate [...]

I wish I could call “no homo” on this, but Marbury’s actions these last two days have gone wayyyy beyond that line.


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