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Fifth Grade Cheating Police

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Posted By: The Booze at 11:35 am

31 Jul 2009

BEIJING—Police officers contemplating cheating on promotion exams met their match this week in northwestern China—18 serious-faced fifth-graders walking the beat.

The students were decked in blue and white school uniforms, and photos on the local government Web site showed them standing behind podiums and sauntering up and down aisles of various classrooms to monitor 265 police test-takers in Liangzhou county in Gansu province

The experiment, carried out by the Liangzhou Discipline Inspection Commission and Organization Department, was implemented after adult supervisors were found to allow some cheating during police exams to prevent officers’ embarrassment, according to the Web site.

Of all of the exam takers vying for 66 district-level judge, prosecutor and investigator positions, students identified 25 alleged cheaters, whose test results were disqualified, the report said.

Wow, the Chinese have discovered a previously untapped source of snitchery. It is genius really, fifth graders will point the finger at the slightest bribe. Think about it…a shiny sticker, valued at approximately $0.01, used to be motivation for succeeding on a test.

I recall several instances in which my fifth-grade peers tattled on me. The slightest offenses got me sent to the principal’s office…pushing someone at recess, calling someone a name, slapping a girl on the ass, selling ecstasy on the school bus. It’s no wonder I have trust issues nowadays.

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