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Drink of the Week: The Moscow Mule

In: Drink of the Week

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 11:00 am

31 Jul 2009


What kind of website would we be if we didn’t live up to our name before a big weekend out on the town.  Every Friday the editors at Boozeworthy will provide you with a recipe to one of our favorite beverage selections.  Your job, Boozehounds, is to try it out at some point over the weekend – during pregame, at a bar, nightcap, whatever.  We’ll do our best to expand your cocktail playbook, you do your best to get fucked up.

For this inaugural installment, I’m going with an old standby of mine – The Moscow Mule.  Don’t be daunted by the name, this drink is actually damn tasty and refreshing.  The simple instructions are below, but I recommend letting the vodka flow for a bit longer.  The main drawing point of this drink is that you can add as much vodka as you want, but the taste never really suffers as a result.  It’s mind-bottling – see for yourself.

1 1/2 Vodka
Ginger Beer to fill
Garnish with a fresh lime wedge

Mule’s Kick, served over crushed ice in a copper (or other metal) mug, with no fruit.
Three Legged Mule, with Jameson Irish Whiskey
George Special, served with slice of orange instead of lime

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  • C. Mills

    it's ginger beer not ginger ale
    pretty huge different

  • doc

    ya sorry, typo mills. aint that bad with ginger ale either tho.

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