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'I married the Eiffel Tower'

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Posted By: Alfred K at 5:12 pm

28 Jul 2009

Meet the woman whose emotional needs are met by a 1,000ft iron monument – and the other unlikely lovers giving new meaning to the term ‘solid relationship’

Imagine a world in which people seem hostile while inanimate objects appear friendly – even affectionate. Imagine dreading the touch of another human but longing for a passionate encounter with a large public structure. This is the strange world of the “objectum sexual”– a group of people, mainly women, whose intimate lives revolve around objects with which they say they share romantic and sexual love.

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Man I wish I had this disease.

In which case I would fall in love with my beloved can of duster.

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  • quasimoto

    loooooooool @ 1min :15 or so of that video. man i gotta try some dustaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • ak

    woah i just noticed she has an eiffel tower tatto going down her shirt where cleavage should be.

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