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This Week in Idiots… (Monday double feature!)

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Posted By: Doc Holliday at 4:55 pm

27 Jul 2009

As if the idiot from this morning who pulled over a U/C wasn’t enough, we bring you this shithead…

0727_deslatte_mugshot - “Drunkard Mistakes Cop Shop For Hotel, Checks In”

The (man above) is accused of making one of the stupidest mistakes ever this weekend – he allegedly drove drunk to a trooper station and then tried checking in…thinking it was a hotel.

The 25-year-old, Mitchell Deslatte, was booked on DWI in Louisiana after he went into the station and asked a trooper at the desk if it was a hotel.

Jesus, that’s one hell of a tough end to a night of boozing when all you want to do is pass out.  Well, I hope at least his cell came with free _______*.

*(Insert HBO, continental breakfast, turn-down service, pillow mint, anal rape joke here)

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  • me

    Well he did a free room.

    except for the $1000's in court and legal fees. they def should give him a nice breakfast. I wonder if eh asked if he could make a food run.

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