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Careless Photography Reveals Handicapped Man to Be a Fraud

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Posted By: The Booze at 3:29 pm

23 Jul 2009

Sweden – The 33-year-old man from Halmstad in western Sweden had claimed for years that he was bound to a wheelchair and as a result qualified for public assistance in the form of payments made to “people in his immediate environment” who helped him with daily tasks.

Between November 1st, 2005 and January 31st, 2009, the Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) paid the man a total of 3,001,741 kronor ($400,000) in benefits.

But the man’s scheme began to unravel back in June 2007 when police raided his home in response to a complaint of abuse and illegal imprisonment.

Among items confiscated by police were several photographs, including a picture of the man dancing with the life-sized bunny which serves as the mascot for the Liseberg amusement park in nearby Gothenburg.

Wow, what a great setup this guy had. He had people waiting on him all day that were paid by the insurance company. He could wheel around the world, park in handicapped spots, shit in handicapped stalls. Too bad he threw it all away by illegally imprisoning people. What man over the age of 7 frames a photo of themselves dancing with a mascot?

On another note…from what I understand, the police were called in to address a claim of “illegal imprisonment” and ultimately decide to confiscate a photo of a handicapped man dancing?? How was that a priority when there were potentially people locked in this guy’s basement?

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