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“Well He Was White, He Loved Forida…Yea That’s Him.”

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Posted By: The Booze at 1:35 pm

21 Jul 2009


TampaIt wasn’t too difficult for the victims of a Riverview home invasion earlier this month to pick out the photo of the guilty party, the Tampa Tribune reports.  He was the one with a tattoo of the state of Florida on his face.  According to police, 19-year old Sean Roberts also sports the phrase “Crazy Cracker” on his head.

Police said Roberts and a female, 28-year old Billie Kiser, entered the home on July 8, making threats and forcing the victims into a bathroom.  Roberts and Kiser made off with consumer electronics, prescription drugs and cash, according to deputies.  They were charged with armed home invastion, police said, and Kiser was additionally charged with battery and domestic battery by strangulation.

You’re damn right he’s a crazy cracker. Listen, I know it must be hard to find a ski mask in the warm state of florida, but this guy is a fuckin moron. You could have put panty hose on your head, face paint, a bandana…anything to cover up that tattoo. Oh wait, better idea…don’t get a poorly-drawn seven on your face.

What provokes people to get facial tattoos anyway? I know they aren’t idolizing Mike Tyson. When have I ever woken up after a long night of drinking, looked in the mirror, and said “Wow this marker on my face looks gangster?”

That Florida tattoo must make for a great cum target. This guy looks like he got a bowl cut from the barber and then turned it into a blowout.

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