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“Alligator” Can’t Hide Pot Growing Operation

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Posted By: The Booze at 11:05 am

17 Jul 2009

ultimate grow

DARBY, Pa. – Police said a woman defied a warning not to venture onto the second floor of a Philadelphia-area house because an alligator was kept there, and uncovered an operating marijuana lab. She tipped police, who searched the house in Darby, just west of Philadelphia.

Police Chief Robert Smythe said Wednesday the officers found heat lamps, fans, soil-testing gauges, gardening chemicals and plants that would yield “a very high-end marijuana.”

Police seized a rifle, two handguns and ammunition for a .30-caliber automatic weapon. The woman and her son, whose names weren’t released, have been moved to safety. Authorities are searching for two people who lived at the house.

It’s a sad irony that so many unintelligent people become drug dealers. It is a profession that requires a significant amount of care and precaution…or at least the smarts to keep a curious neighbor from blowing your operation. This woman likely had no plans of investigating their second floor until they warned her of an alligator. Who the hell is going to believe that story? And how do you leave the door unlocked to a room full of marijuana plants? Idiots!

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  • quasimoto

    if u keep it locked then u is always havin to unlock and relock it and such, and i is too high to do all that.

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