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Note to Self: Arby’s Employees Are Snitches

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Posted By: The Booze at 12:47 pm

15 Jul 2009

INDIANAPOLIS – Police have arrested a couple allegedly caught smoking marijuana while waiting in the drive-through line at an Arby’s restaurant with their 1-year-old in the back seat. A restaurant employee noticed the aroma late Friday and called 911, then had the couple wait for their order of chicken as police sped to the scene.

Officer Brian Silcox said he smelled marijuana while approaching the car. He said both a 27-year-old man and 25-year-old woman told officers Chatman had been smoking a cigar.

Police also said a loaded handgun was found in the car.

The pair were arrested on charges of neglect of a dependent. The man also was arrested on a marijuana possession charge. Child welfare officials took custody of the baby.

That must have been the worst wait ever. These people probably sat at the drive thru window for 15 minutes with hella munchies waiting for their roast beef to show up. Meanwhile some snitch of a drive-thru employee called the fuzz. I’m sure these people were more upset about not getting their food than they were about any of the charges.

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  • Chronic

    Mannnn I can't say it wasn't the smartest thing, or the best thing to do it at a drive through with the kid in the back, but I mean at least they had the kid wit them and not alone. I bet he was ina child seat too.

    Child services, yeah thats good, send the kdi to a random parent because his got high and the employee is a mormon or some shit. How about given them a chance to “clean up” even tho thats ridiculous too.

    Of course it ahppened in Indy, around here, we sell ish at our drive thrus. n I say every boozer boycotts arbys in protest. I mean even the Simpons rip on arby when they say “I'm so hungry I could eat at Arbys”

    In summary, fuck arbys, and fuckt he police.

  • The Jiggler

    This doesn't sit well with the Jiggler. I agree Chronic, shit is fucked up. Booze could point on the food, I mean isn't htat some form on robery, they deserve a refund at least. Mad potheads are priob going to go somewhere else now.

    Oh and did you see how it said police sped to the scene. Funny how they never “speed” to real crimes and sht. I can picture it now “Oh my goodness Johnson, forget about that assault, we've got someone smoking weed at an Arbys!!! lets get on it” “Yes sir, oh and we can get dinner while were there, for free”

    I am making an effort never eating at arbys, I will jiggle over to MCDonalds or Rileys. Where I come from, we pay for our food with herb.

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