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Micky Louis Mayon, Senior KKK Member, Arrested In Israel

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Posted By: Alfred K at 10:31 pm

13 Jul 2009

A high-ranking white supremacist on the run from US federal authorities was arrested on Monday night in a south Tel Aviv hideout.

33-year-old Micky Louis Mayon, one of America’s 100 Most Wanted criminals, and a member of the Ku Klux Klan, was arrested in a Florentine apartment by the National Immigration Authority’s newly formed Oz enforcement unit.

I don’t get it, if you were a true KKK supporter, wouldn’t it pain you each and every second you stood in the midst of all those J’s in Israel.  This story just hella cracked me up.  I know a few loyal readers might have some harsh words to say here, I will let them take it away.

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  • McJew

    He's probably trying to find a similar asshole terrorist to plot with, but then didn't realzie since his education stopped at grade 3 that they would just kill him.

    Israel 1, KKK 0.

    Suck it.

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